"A Tick in my Tock"

When I’m involved, people don’t seem to understand the phrase, “I’m on vacation, I’m sleeping in.” I’d arrived in Jamaica the night before, set my alarm clock, and gone to bed… only to have my travel partner waltz into my room three hours before my alarm was supposed to go off and wake me up by dumping ocean water all over my hair.

I yelped and scrambled to a sitting position, breathing heavily and glaring. “Goddamnit, Marlene!” I screeched, wiping the water away. “I wanted to sleep in!”

She shrugged and left the room, while I went into the shower and got dressed, slipping a surprise for Marlene into my pocket after a moment of thought.

I made my way down to the lobby and looked up at the big, intricate clock on the wall that read 10:27, then stepped into the small but crowded dining room, finding Marlene easily.

"I set my alarm for 1:00, bitch," I grumbled.

"No, you never set me for one!" she cackled, taking a bite of toast.

Muttering to myself, I pulled the ‘surprise’ from my pocket and dropped it on her head with a small clink.

"Ow," she whined, catching it in her hands. It was just a pocket watch I’d gotten her, but it had served its purpose—for me, at least.